It seems like I am a lazy blogger, when really I have just been super busy! I need to get into the habit of posting frequently, though.

Recently, I have not been able to produce many visual pieces because I have been working on websites and have gotten into videography.

The other day, I DID play with a few shapes and images from some pictures I had taken and put it up on Society6. Here’s the finished project.

The image in the circle is actually the background to another image, and was taken in a field of flowers. When I was manipulating this photo, I wanted to create something that felt”wanderlust-y” and made me feel good to look at it- like you were getting a peak into a whimsical moment. And I feel like I accomplished that.

It isn’t too often that I will really LOVE one of my own pieces but for some reason, I am very pleased with how this piece makes the viewer feel. You can purchase or just check it out in detail here.flower-fields-


Summertime Art

Ever since I was little, I LOVED being outside. I love it so much, I wish I could package it and keep it in a jar for when I am miserable and it’s freezing outside.

Or at least own everything that makes me feel like it’s sumer again.

And that’s where my most recent pieces of art come in :). I created four pieces, available over at Society6, that were inspired by that summertime feeling.

GAH! I can’t get enough. Seriously…sunglasses, hazy horizons, faded sunsets.

I hope you guys enjoy these images as much as I do and hopefully they bring you back to that warm, sunny, place when you’re feeling blue!