I’m probably never going to grow up….

Truthfully, my favorite thing about myself is my imagination. The more I wander into post grad life and realize everyone around me maturing, the more I appreciate my creative mind. Age can bring on a cynicism and bitterness towards life and I never want that to happen. I have a habit of going against the norm and this is no exception. I won’t accept a job I am unhappy with just to pay the bills; I will not give up on a creative future; I will not become a boring, unsatisfied human being wasting increments of 24 hours down the drain. I appreciate life and will do everything I can to be my happiest every single day. 🙂 Here’s to creativity!

That being said, this is my first image in  a series of three that is meant to depict the creative thinker. Every day, I decide how much of myself is going to be pulled into my imagination- some days I stay in the real world-grounded, but other days I am immersed in my imagination. I exist in an entirely different world. For me, this picture illustrates the first steps of giving yourself over to your imaginative self. Please enjoy and let me know if you can relate as well.

Let me take you to the dark side..


Out of the Blue

Good Monday Morning everyone!

So I’ve already gone on a run, fed my wonderful puppies (I actually make them meals…give me a break. I don’t have children haha) and had a great breakfast of my own 🙂

brown rice

steamed broccoli

handful of spinach

1/4 cup of organic pasta sauce

= YUM!

I’ve been feeling so fatigued and tired lately for no obvious reason and as a result have been taking photos around town and around my house. Yesterday, I had an idea to make a symmetrical photo of myself and my hair turning into this dark waterfall….kindof hard to visualize unless you’re in my brain. BUT even though I did not create that photo, I created another photo that was derived from that idea and it actually turned out pretty cool.


Let me know what you think!