Fashion Week!

Even if Fashion Week is almost over, I thought I would share with you guys these greeting cards I made for the These were posted on Facebook, Twitter, and sent to some select people in the fashion industry.

fashion week one



It seems like I am a lazy blogger, when really I have just been super busy! I need to get into the habit of posting frequently, though.

Recently, I have not been able to produce many visual pieces because I have been working on websites and have gotten into videography.

The other day, I DID play with a few shapes and images from some pictures I had taken and put it up on Society6. Here’s the finished project.

The image in the circle is actually the background to another image, and was taken in a field of flowers. When I was manipulating this photo, I wanted to create something that felt”wanderlust-y” and made me feel good to look at it- like you were getting a peak into a whimsical moment. And I feel like I accomplished that.

It isn’t too often that I will really LOVE one of my own pieces but for some reason, I am very pleased with how this piece makes the viewer feel. You can purchase or just check it out in detail here.flower-fields-


Summertime Art

Ever since I was little, I LOVED being outside. I love it so much, I wish I could package it and keep it in a jar for when I am miserable and it’s freezing outside.

Or at least own everything that makes me feel like it’s sumer again.

And that’s where my most recent pieces of art come in :). I created four pieces, available over at Society6, that were inspired by that summertime feeling.

GAH! I can’t get enough. Seriously…sunglasses, hazy horizons, faded sunsets.

I hope you guys enjoy these images as much as I do and hopefully they bring you back to that warm, sunny, place when you’re feeling blue!









I’m probably never going to grow up….

Truthfully, my favorite thing about myself is my imagination. The more I wander into post grad life and realize everyone around me maturing, the more I appreciate my creative mind. Age can bring on a cynicism and bitterness towards life and I never want that to happen. I have a habit of going against the norm and this is no exception. I won’t accept a job I am unhappy with just to pay the bills; I will not give up on a creative future; I will not become a boring, unsatisfied human being wasting increments of 24 hours down the drain. I appreciate life and will do everything I can to be my happiest every single day. 🙂 Here’s to creativity!

That being said, this is my first image in  a series of three that is meant to depict the creative thinker. Every day, I decide how much of myself is going to be pulled into my imagination- some days I stay in the real world-grounded, but other days I am immersed in my imagination. I exist in an entirely different world. For me, this picture illustrates the first steps of giving yourself over to your imaginative self. Please enjoy and let me know if you can relate as well.

Let me take you to the dark side..


Soul Searching

My latest piece of art is in line with my last surreal photography piece which focused heavily on hands and hair. I am still very interested in exploring the emotion evoked through hand gestures; emotions perceived without facial expression.Soul Searching