Hi there!

Why hello!

Thank you so much for stopping by my page. Really, I’m flattered!

While I intend to use this blog as some sort of brain diary (I guess it is really not different from any other diary….maybe less personal? so no love life but everything else? I don’t know….) I think that there may be a few people who will also be interested in checking out this blog (I mean, here you are….) because I do tend to have a pretty crazy imagination that can be entertaining and thought provoking most of the time.

Things you will find here:

1. My artwork (I am …well, I’m not sure what I am…I draw and paint, and like to photograph subjects to create new works in photoshop, and dabble in layout design…so

I  guess I tend to call myself a creative professional)

2. Everything that inspires me:    artwork, architecture, philosophy, poetry……a crayon. No really, I have a crayon that is the most unique color and I am obsessed with it.

3. Thought provoking anything : I am a fan of TED talks.

4. People watching: If I could be anything else besides a ‘creative professional’ I would be a psychologist. I am FASCINATED by people’s reactions, movements, tendencies….

5. Music, Music, Music: I love music as much as I love….art.

Things you won’t find here:

1. Negativity:  seriously, nothing brings me down more than pessimism and negative energy. I don’t like to bash any idea or person because I think there are positives in everything. There may be some things that I disagree with but I think it is better to try to understand them rather than promote a hatred towards them.

2. Mainstream Crap:  No, I’m not one of those hipsters that only loves what everyone else hates but so much of what is popular today promotes ignorance and does not encourage people to think for themselves. Believe me, I love a Taylor Swift song just as much as the next person but you won’t find me swooning over a pair of brand name shoes just because they display a popular logo or discussing Kim Kardashian’s marriage issues anytime soon.

My greatest fear is failure; I do not want a million dollars and fancy clothing (I mean, my family and I joke all the time that I will take off and live in my car….no high maintenance issues here) but at this point in my life I think that the most honest way you can live is to do something that is inspiring to others. Art is not a necessity and may not be the most profitable venture (starving artist anybody?) but it is one of the most competent expressions of self.

And so, please enjoy this blog as a collection of my ideas, thoughts, inspiration, and artwork………and let it inspire you as well.



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