Well, I’M BACK!

This past week I have been on a bit of a vacay visiting friends and family in the midwest. Right before I had left, I ordered my postcards that I was telling you guys about and they were here when I got back! 🙂
I’ve proclaimed today to be “Send Ten Monday”. I have sent out ten cards because I have experienced trying to create mailing lists all at once and, long story short, they take a long time so I figure that addressing ten at a time is very ‘low-stress’.
I ordered from Vistaprint and they are the oversized postcard with a glossy front. They are thick and are a good weight so I can definitely say that I am pleased.
Hopefully these will result in some new projects!
Stay tuned and subscribe, or like, or whatever if you are interested in the beginnings of my illustration journey!

P.S sorry for the poor photo quality! I took it with my ancient phone.


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